Wellington's Support Team

Working together to support the Wellington Family

Christmas Update

It is now over six months since Bill first became ill, and time for an update on the family situation.

While Bill’s last graft “took” it may not have been enough to adequately cover his elbow.

In January his arm is going to be reassessed with the most likely outcome being 2 more surgeries.

This has left the family somewhat in Limbo, as the future and Bill’s health is still pretty uncertain.

One certainty is that Bill will not be working in the near future, so the family has been surviving on Bill’s sickness benefit and Danya’s carer’s allowance.  This stretches to cover very basic living expenses, but is not enough to cover the expenses that all families are faced with at one time or another (such as a recent Dentist visit for the kids) and particularly at this time of year (Christmas , and Annual school expenses –  Liam’s book list alone is $723).

We thought that one way we could help was by donating to the family for these extra expenses.  We have set up an account for the family with Paypal.  If you would like to make a small donation (you can enter any amount you would like) then click on the Donate button in the third column over on the right.  You do not need to have a Paypal account (although there are prompts to help you set one up if you want to) the button will work for any major cardholders.

You can be sure that even tiny donations mean a whole lot – they will remind Bill, Danya, Liam, Olivia and Millie that they have a whole support team behind them that really cares.

At the moment the we do not need any more volunteers to help with cooking, or washing.  A very generous person  donated a lawn mower, so the lawn is now in hand (yay Liam – the lawnmower).  If Bill has surgery in January, Danya may need more help with driving, so stay tuned.

Feel free to leave a personal message to the family in the comment section of this post.

–Claire (and tech support hubby, Luke).


New Procedures


Hi All,

Today Bill is back in hospital to have a “skin stretch” inserted adjacent to the existing scar on his arm.  This is the first of three procedures.  It is a new approach because his elbow has not been healing adequately.

The bone point is not really actually better than it was.  There is deep seated disease bed around the bone – open exposure in the not yet closed wound.

In about three weeks, the second procedure will be to have the stretched skin panel rotated and stretched over Bill’s elbow and attached.

As soon as possible after procedure two, there will be a third procedure to graft more thigh tissue onto the new wound on Bill’s upper arm.

As you can imagine, all three procedure are going to set Bill back in terms of independence, and in general the surgeries, medicines and original infection have all played havoc with Bill’s overall health/organs.

We need to ramp up the support again, to keep everything running in the background, so that the family can deal with this next stage on the journey.

Again the main issue is going to be transport.  If you have a window of availability in your week, in which you can drive Danya and/or Bill to hospital, appointments or shopping, please let me know.  It would help if we had a roster of available drivers that Danya can consult when things crop up.

Danya is feeling fine about doing the family laundry so we do not need volunteers for that any more.   Donna has the meals roster covered, but more volunteers for lawn-mowing would be great – the only catch is that you need to be able to BYO lawn mower.

Wellington Family Update

After several graft surgeries, Bill is now home and making visits to Outpatients and Physio for Rehab.  So far these visits are all to the Austin Hospital in Heidelberg.

Driving, Cooking meals, and Washing are the main needs that we have to meet.  Lawn Mowing and Occasional Dog walking volunteers would be appreciated as well.

To volunteer, click on the relevant catagory over there in column two (under the blue cup).

What is The Wellington’s Support Team?

The Wellington Family have had some terrible luck – Bill has been hospitalised with a flesh eating disease, which required extensive surgery to his arm to save his life.  It is expected to be a long journey for him, Danya, Liam, Olivia and Millie, as Bill will be undergoing skin grafts and rehab for about a year.The Wellingtons are going to need lots of help to keep their family running, which is where you come in.

Danya is unable to drive due to her impaired vision, so transport will probably be the most pressing need, but meals and clothes washing will really help as well.  At times there will probably be other ways that help is needed.

This blog was created – with Danya’s consent – as a way to coordinate all the help, so that we can all do a bit and not get burnt out – it is going to be a long haul.

Currently Bill is in the Austin hospital in Heidelberg, but there is the possibility that he will be moved as his recovery progresses.

My name is Claire and I set this up just to be of some service to the Wellingtons – if you want to drop me a line about any questions you might have you can reach me at……clairegee (at) bigpond (dot) com